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This will be my first collection and with this collection I want to show my ideas to the world. The challenges I’ve faced so far with this collection is the design executive from sketch to garment and quality. I’ve been doing a lot of testing for the past year and a lot of trial an error to get some things accurate. For example, some of the things I’ve struggled on were screen printing.


I’ve been doing some test prints for each design and designs that aren’t in this collection. I realized that it wasn’t that hard for me to make designs because they’d naturally come to mind while sketching ideas out. I do have a lot of new intriguing ideas that I want to work on and make another small addition to this collection if it is successful. Sometimes I think about this collection hoping it reaches the right audience. The journey so far has been stressful but also exciting. Like I mentioned earlier, for me it’s been a lot of trial and error but I’m glad I got to experience everything. Currently I think it will be best if I get assistance because I am just starting out with the website and from this I will learn how everybody works. For the future of Skullxer I have bigger plans like fashion shows and collaborations with other brands.

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